We want our parents to enjoy their Willow Wood experience as much as our students.  Throughout the year, we offer drop-off for our students to make your school as efficient as possible!  We place a premium on communicating with our parents through email, notes in our famous Willow Wood red bags and a monthly, emailed newsletter.  Here you will find an online resource with information and materials you might need during the year, including the school calendar, approved snack list and photos of recent events.


Willow Wood News

We are offering three additional new exciting enrichment options for the 2018/19 School Year! Take a look:

Hola and Bonjour
Introduction to the languages of Spanish and French through songs, games and hands-on activities.

Yoga and Creative Expressions
Children will improve their flexibility, strength and coordination as they are guided through various yoga poses, movement and exercise. This will allow them to experience body awareness, concentration and relaxation. After yoga, children will be immersed in a variety of artistic and creative experiences; expanding their open ended thinking, developing hand eye coordination and fueling their imagination.

Hi-Five Sports Club
Hi-Five Sports Club is designed around team sports, and other physical activities, helping young children build confidence and self-esteem. The various sports activities encourage the development of language, large and small motor skills, social and emotional skills as well as the importance of teamwork. Children will eat their packed lunch in the Hi-Five party area. Transportation available from Willow Wood Preschool to Hi-Five Sports for the first 11 kids signing up that want transportation. The van is equipped with booster seats. Hi-Five is insured for transportation.

Please contact Julie McCauley (assistant registrar) for more information!

By:  Sue Cornelo, Director

The Alliance for Early Childhood provides our community with a multitude of opportunities to better understand and enhance the lives of our young children. In March, The Alliance sponsored an afternoon with Tuesday’s Child, Behavior Management Experts in Chicago. The discussion was enlightening, uplifting, humorous and educational. Many of Willow Wood’s staff members were in attendance and took away new strategies and ideas to implement in the classrooms.


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Order labels for your kids' clothes and a portion of the proceeds go to Willow Wood.


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