Drop Off Procedures

ARRIVAL:  If you are driving and intend to remain in your car, enter the parking lot on the west side of the building and drive around the lot to drop off your child(ren) at Willow Wood’s gate at the top of the stairs. A staff member will be there to greet them and help them from the car.  Teachers will be stationed on the playground and along the route upstairs to the classroom to assist the children.  You do not need to be in a carpool to use this drop off line. If you are walking to school or want to park your car, you must drop off your child(ren) at the Oak Street gate, where a teacher will be stationed.  If they are inside for the first part of their day, you may either take them to the Willow Wood entrance door where staff members will then assist them, or you may accompany them upstairs to the classroom.

DEPARTURE:  If you are driving and intend to remain in your car, enter the parking lot on the west side of the building and drive around the lot to the gate at the top of the stairs.  As you pull up to the gate, a staff member will call your child(ren) and then help them into the car.

Sign your name on the sign-out sheet and then pull forward to fasten seat belts in order to keep the line moving efficiently.  Be sure all children are properly buckled into their car seats before leaving the parking lot.

If you are walking or parking your car, your children will be brought to you at the Oak Street gate and you will sign them out there.  Please be considerate of others by forming an orderly line for the sign-out sheet.

RED FLAG DAYS: In the case of extremely inclement weather, we must alter our usual arrival and departure procedures.  If it is raining heavily or the temperature/wind chill is bitterly cold, we will post a red flag on the playground entrance gates.  This is an indication that you must come into the school to drop off and/or pick up your child(ren).  Please park your car and enter through the main door of the school.

RELEASE OF YOUR CHILD: Your child may be released only to an individual previously authorized by you.  These names must be included on your Student Release Form.  If alternate arrangements are made (i.e., for a playdate after school), we must have a written note of permission or an email from you before allowing your child to depart.  In an emergency situation, please call the school to relay this information.

IMPORTANT PARKING REMINDERS: Please do not park in the lot on the west side of the building.  These spaces are all reserved for specific occupants only.  When exiting the parking lot, please turn right only.  Please be respectful of our neighbors.  Do not block driveways for even a few minutes.  Please do not block the parking lot entrance, even partially.  Double parking is never acceptable!!  It is dangerous and illegal.  
The Winnetka Police Department will be monitoring traffic during our arrival and departure times to ensure that proper precautions are taken at all times.  Our most important concern is always for the ultimate safety of every child.

CELL PHONES: Please do not use your cell phones during the drop off & pick up process. Our procedures demand your full attention and your child deserves it as well!

DROP OFF / PICK UP LINE: Please review the procedures here.