We want our parents to enjoy their Willow Wood experience as much as our students.  Throughout the year, we offer drop-off for our students to make your school as efficient as possible!  We place a premium on communicating with our parents through email, notes in our famous Willow Wood red bags and a monthly, emailed newsletter.  Here you will find an online resource with information and materials you might need during the year, including the school calendar, approved snack list and photos of recent events.


Willow Wood News

Thank you to all our families who so generously supported Willow Wood over the weekend at our annual Book and Toy Fair! The Book Stall is an ardent supporter of the Winnetka community and their support is greatly appreciated, as well!

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It’s that time of year many of us dread: the ending of Day Light Saving Time. The days grow shorter, there is less sunlight and 4:30 comes around and it seems like we all should be getting in our pajamas! Less outdoor playtime may lead to more screen time for your children. But, before you give in to the pleading for You Tube shows or games on your smart phone, read what Josh Golin, shared with the Willow Wood staff at the annual Alliance Networking Dinner. Josh is the Executive Director of Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.

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Community Action 

Order labels for your kids' clothes and a portion of the proceeds go to Willow Wood.


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