"Are you the one doing the treasure hunt?!" asked Clementine, a very excited five-year old girl, to the parent who was setting up red and yellow Willow Wood signs at the Village Green Park. The parent nodded with a smile, to which the girl happily cheered, "I knew it! I knew it!"

The anticipation was palpable among the 20-plus children participating in week two of Willow Wood Preschool's Treasure Hunt Tuesday. Some did not attend the week prior, because of travel or to avoid potential rain, so this time around, the children seemed especially excited.

"Is it going to start soon?" asked Clementine, as three parents rushed to hide the "treasures" -- small, colorfully painted Willow Wood people -- all around the playground for the children to find.

While several children were successfully distracted with a few rounds of "ring around the rosy," most of the participants hovered right by the start line, eyes glued to those little paper people.
After what must have been a record-fast lineup, instructions and "ready, set go!" command, they were off!

And who found the golden Willow Wood person to receive a special prize? Clementine, which seemed very fitting.

AuthorWillow Wood