It’s that time of year many of us dread: the ending of Day Light Saving Time. The days grow shorter, there is less sunlight and 4:30 comes around and it seems like we all should be getting in our pajamas! Less outdoor playtime may lead to more screen time for your children. But, before you give in to the pleading for You Tube shows or games on your smart phone, read what Josh Golin, shared with the Willow Wood staff at the annual Alliance Networking Dinner. Josh is the Executive Director of Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) latest recommendations for screen time:

  • Children under 18 months = zero screen time

  • Preschoolers = less than one hour a day

Tips for reducing screen time

  • Do an inventory of how your children spend their time. Is media displacing important activities?

  • Are there times you rely on screens to occupy your child? Are there alternatives?

  • Set clear expectations about time limits when kids do use media

  • Look in the mirror

  • Let kids work their way through boredom

5 Rules for Managing Media

  • Avoid screen time with babies (And nothing wrong with holding out longer.)

  • Insist on screen-free meals.

  • No screens in bedrooms

  • Have a designated screen-free time every week.

  • Stick to your rules!

Check out the website for more information on screen time and managing media. There are great tips and parent tool kits to help reduce screen time in your home.

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