As this new school year commences, I have found myself humming the tune I learned as a Girl Scout, “Make New Friends, But Keep the Old”. With the addition of 42 new families (a Willow Wood record) we have the opportunity to do just that! The excitement of Willow Wood’s summer activities has hopefully sparked new friendships for not only our new families, but for our returning ones, as well.

While much of our school year will look similar (Intake Conferences, Staggered Schedules, Kohl’s Halloween Party), we have many inaugural programming we are excited to kick off: New Parent Orientation (September 6), Poker Night (September 22) Curriculum Night (September 24), and Family Open House (January 27).

Curriculum Night will be an evening for you to come to school (without your child) to explore their classroom and learn from their teachers the importance of learning through play. We hope you will join the Willow Wood Staff in an evening of community, as well as learning about your child’s daily routine and a chance to experience your child’s learning environment. Watch for additional information in the Red Bags in the next few weeks.

Willow Wood welcomes three new members to our staff. However, all three are not new to Willow Wood at all! We are thrilled to welcome back Sandy Thomas (Older 2’s 2 Day teacher) who previously taught at Willow Wood. Amy Acri (AM JK aide) whose triplet girls attended here in the late 1990’s and was also a board member. Former board President and mother to two alums, Lauren LeBoyer (Older 2’s 3 Day aide) is excited to be returning.

While the school year is full of fresh activities, our goal remains the same: to provide a safe and developmentally appropriate environment for your child to play, learn and grow. The staff, board of directors and I are here to make this year a meaningful experience for your child and family. Please know my door is always open and I am only an email or phone call away!

Enjoy these early years. They are precious!


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