Thank you to all our families who so generously supported Willow Wood over the weekend at our annual Book and Toy Fair! The Book Stall is an ardent supporter of the Winnetka community and their support is greatly appreciated, as well!

Books and games are always wonderful holiday gifts. Children, especially, benefit from the printed word. Parent involvement is a crucial factor in raising a life-long reader. Here are three ways you can help raise a reader:

  • READ ALOUD TOGETHER:  Reading aloud is a huge predictor that kids will fall in love with reading. When parents read aloud with their children, it’s building a habit. You are influencing your child just by reading with them. Ideally, parents should start reading to children as infants and continue through middle school. Children want you to read to them and by initiating the experience, the child feels important.

  • FOCUS ON THE FUN:  Don’t worry about covering all the genres or focus only on skill building. Skills will come. If a child is diving into a book they love, they will want to repeat that experience. The time spent reading will build vocabulary and will help your child begin to understand character development. Begin with 20 minutes of reading time with your child and create a fun, comfortable space to share the gift of reading.

  • GAME ON (BOARD, NOT SCREEN):  Board games can be very beneficial for young readers, too. Games like Balderdash, Boggle Junior and Scrabble Junior can be a fun way of teaching language. Even verbal games in the car such as rhyming games, can be a fun and easy way for parents to build literacy skills on the go and around town.

Curling up on a couch in front of the fire with a stack of books from the library is one of my favorite memories with my own children.  I hope this holiday season allows time to start (or continue) a habit of reading with your child. I promise these moments with your child will become a treasured memory for you, as well.

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading,

AuthorWillowwood Preschool