Welcome back!! Speaking from experience, the remainder of the school year always flies by upon returning from Spring Break!

The wildly successful Parent Party and the beautiful video debuted that evening, reminded me of all the ingredients of Willow Wood and how each is essential to this truly extraordinary family. The sentiments below were written five years ago, but continue to ring so very true today.

Ingredient #1: TEACHERS
The staff at Willow Wood is incredible, not only in their education and talent, but in their commitment to the school. The dedication and honest care they deliver each day to our students is a sight to behold. Not only do the teachers love the children, they love Willow Wood. When I give tours, I always mention the low turnover rate of our staff, as well as the fact that many of our teachers are former Willow Wood parents; many of them having served on the Board. We are truly a family here!

As I attend board meetings, work alongside board members and in the office everyday, I am able to witness the incredible amount of time the board members put into their jobs. The countless hours and endless energy contribute to the success of Willow Wood. The support they give each other and ideas shared, contribute to the positive vibe at Willow Wood!

Ingredient #3: THE CHILDREN
Standing at the top of the stairs each morning, I am overwhelmed with the smiles and greetings I receive from the children (and parents) at Willow Wood. Each child brings a unique personality to his class. Together they make a community of learning that is exciting to observe. The stories we hear to the hugs received to the tears we comfort and the contagious laughter, our children at Willow Wood is what we are all about!

Ingredient #4: THE PARENTS
Biased or not, I truly believe we have the best parents here at Willow Wood! The trust you give to the teachers and the dedication to our school is invaluable. Whether supporting the play-based philosophy, partaking in the fundraisers, making a batch of play dough at a moment’s notice, or volunteering as a room parent, you all contribute in such positive ways! Thank you!!

As a former First Lady once said, “It takes a village”. From the teachers to the board to the children and to you, the parents, everyone plays a vital role in making Willow Wood a village where children and families thrive!

Feeling blessed,

AuthorWillowwood Preschool