Saturday, August 23, 10:30-11:30 at Village Green Park.

Bring your Willow Wood student to the Popsicle playdate and meet up with old and new families at this fun, annual event. 

At the playdate you will meet fellow classmates like Baer and Livvie!

Student Name: Baer Bader

Class: Three Day Older Two's

Siblings: Charlie (Kindergarten), Jack (9 months)

Favorite Foods: Apples, peaches, and macaroni and cheese

Things He Did this summer:  Baer loved to swim! He also drove his tractor, mowed the lawn, blew the leaves, weed-wacked, dug and raked!

Student Name:  Livvie Kinzelberg

Class: Two Day Young Two's

Siblings: Eli (4)

Favorite Foods: Smoothies, blueberries and dried apricots

Things She Did this Summer:  Livvie played a lot at Elder Lane Beach, went to a friend's birthday party without her big brother for the first time, and went on vacation with her cousins

AuthorWillow Wood