Smiling children’s faces, “happy fourth of July” chants, lots of little waving hands holding homemade flags from a red-white-and-blue float, followed by thoughtfully decorated scooters, bikes and two-seater wagons… these images define Willow Wood’s presence at this year’s July Fourth parade in Winnetka. 

A very strong showing of Willow Wood parents, students, siblings and administration made the preschool’s float one of the larger contingencies in the lineup.  Parents and staff handed out neon, star-shaped sunglasses branded with “Willow Wood Preschool” to eagerly awaiting children observing the procession.

Some parade observers were heard responding, “We love you, too, Willow Wood.”

As the float made its way down Elm Street toward the larger crowds in front of downtown shops and restaurants, the children began to chant “Willow Wood, Willow Wood!” before finishing strong at Village Green Park.

This special event was preceded by a float-decorating party at the Weisburg family home the Sunday prior, attended by 95 Willow Wood parents, students and siblings. Partygoers enjoyed a bouncy house, cornhole games, an icecream truck and a barbeque – all while creating special decorating kits for families participating in the parade and a patriotic float to help save those little legs from tiring during the procession.

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